Top Questions to Ask Your Prospective Phoenix AZ Auto Accident Law Expert


Finding a good and reliable lawyer to represent your auto accident case can be a daunting task. This is because a lot of people out there have specialized in this area of law, and therefore knowing the best lawyer is not easy at all. It is, therefore, advisable to do your homework very well to ensure you a law specialist. Below are some of the questions to ask your potential auto accident lawyer in Phoenix. To learn more about car accident lawyer website, follow the link.

1. How Long Have You Been Practicing?

Get to know how long your prospective lawyer has been practicing. Bear in mind that someone who has been dealing with legal cases for long is highly experienced and knowledgeable. In fact, such an attorney is well-conversant with courtroom rules and regulations. It is good to ask your potential attorney how long he has been around before making your final decision. Always settle for a person who has been around for many years.

2. Can You Provide Some Referees Upon Request?

A reliable lawyer should be able to give a list of references upon request. These are clients the attorney represented their cases in the past. If you get the referees, contact them to know more info about the legal practitioner in question. A lawyer who is unable to give a list of people he served before cannot be relied upon. This is because there are no people to vouch for his services. See the best information about Auto accident lawyer in Phoenix.

3. How Many Cases Have You Represented So Far?

It is obvious you want to deal with a lawyer who has handled several cases similar to yours. So, you should inquire to know how many claims your prospective lawyer has dealt with so far. Look for someone who has represented a reasonable number of cases like yours. Such a person seems to be committed to his job and can therefore handle yours with a lot of seriousness. Be wary of attorneys who have only dealt with a few cases in the recent past.

4. How Many Cases Have Won?

You may also want to know the number of cases that had successful outcome. This is crucial because some lawyers claim to have handled several cases but they never succeeded in any. So, you should investigate to know out of the claims they represented how many of them won. By so doing, you are no doubt going to land a professional car accident lawyer in Phoenix.